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iPlanSTO aids in the management of Shutdowns, Turnarounds, Outages and TAR events with a proven industry workflow, developed in conjunction with BP.

Unlike our competitor software, iPlanSTO is simple to use software that enables you to scope, plan, estimate, sign approve, schedule, capture progress, time recording and learning of all your STO’s - and the best part is, you can save 89% of the cost of planning a work order next time on a piece of equipment you have previously serviced.

A PROVEN workflow designed to increase productivity and avoid delaying your plant startup

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Improve the productivity of your technicians onsite

iPlanSTO enables you to measure the productivity ratio of all personnel delivering your STO, only once you know your productivity, can you begin to improve it.

STO for maintenance

No internet required onsite to capture scope and progress work

STO comes with an onsite mobile app that allows you to capture scope when planning your event and live progress capture when executing your shutdown.

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